About the Citizenship Foundation

1989–? Over 25 years of helping young people build a better future.

The Citizenship Foundation is a national education charity founded in 1989. It inspires people to take part in society as equal members.

We help them learn how to do so effectively by teaching them citizenship skills. In particular, we help young people to understand how the law, politics and public life affect them.

Shaping schools

We help 80% of secondary schools to nurture generations of active citizens.

Inspiring action

We motivate more than 25,000 young people every year to take social action.

Influencing policy

We help school leaders and politicians inform education policy.

In addition to Giving Nation, we run a number of programmes to support our mission for a fair, inclusive and cohesive society, including:

Go-Givers helps primary school children become caring, concerned citizens. It gives them the skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to their communities.
Lawyers in Schools puts legal professionals in the classroom, to help students understand the law and challenge preconceptions.
Our Bar and Magistrate Mock Trial competitions immerse young people in the complexities of the adversarial legal system.

The Citizenship Foundation website also offers resources.
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