How it works

We believe that young people have a voice that needs to be heard.

Giving Nation is inclusive of all young people, regardless of their ability. We offer them the tools and opportunities to change the things that matter to them. We provide a structured programme for students to set up their own social action projects, plus resources and support for teachers working in a variety of settings. 

Giving Nation comes in two packages: Giving Nation Challenge for mainstream secondary schools; Giving Nation Spirit for alternative settings and SEN classes in mainstream schools.

Giving Nation helps young people learn about charities, social enterprise and individual giving as part of the school curriculum. It can be used in a number of national curriculum subjects, including citizenship, PSHE, English and maths.

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Giving Nation also links to several qualifications and accreditations and develops skills such as independent learning and team work.

It provides all the resources needed to take student groups through the process of developing and running their social action projects while minimising the amount of preparation required by teachers.

Students work in classes or groups to fundraise, campaign, volunteer or develop a social enterprise for a cause they feel strongly about.

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