What is a G-Blog?

Every class has a unique, online space to describe their social action project. The G-Blog is an easy to use facility that consists of nine questions.

Giving Nation believes that young people and schools should be recognised for their efforts in making a positive contribution to others and preparing our future citizens for life ahead.

To raise the profile of students’ social enterprises, fundraising, campaigning and volunteering activities we’ve created a neat way to profile their project.

Once your students have completed their G-Blog an email alert will be sent to your Giving Nation Coordinator. This member of staff can then amend and approve content before your class project is published on this website.

Want to know who else is involved? Perhaps you are just after some inspiration? Go to the G-Blog map to discover more.

We are currently seeking funding to relaunch the Social Action Awards, but if you publish your G-Blog it will be automatically entered into the competition. Here's a copy of our judging criteria.


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