Challenge your students to turn 50 quid into 100s of pounds for charity!

More than a quarter of a million school students have already used Giving Nation to help improve their community through social action. Yours can too!

  • Find a group of students to challenge with community action (a class or year group, maybe)
  • Invest a little money - we recommend £50 per class - from your school's budget
  • Challenge the students to build a sustainable social enterprise, with Giving Nation's expert tools.

At the end of the year, the group should have more than the original £50 to re-invest or build on their good work.

Giving Nation is free and everything you need is on this website. Register now to get going! However, if you need more help, we can train your colleagues at your own premises (contact us for prices).

Giving Nation is ideal for SMSC and citizenship in schools and comes in two varieties:

  • Challenge, for mainstream secondary schools
  • Spirit, for alternative education settings.

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